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Our Team

All of our counseling staff are either licensed in mental health counseling or social work, or are supervised by a licensed provider. We all specialize in tele-mental health services


Timothy Crumley, LMHC, Clinical Director

New York State Locations: Albany, Rochester

Timothy is the Clinical Director of our practice, as well as a psychotherapist and licensed mental health counselor specializing in substance use-related issues, gender and sexuality development and issues related to general anxiety and depression. He is a Rogerian and Client-Centered therapist and one of his core beliefs is that most distress is related to living a life that may not be yours.

One of the main goals of therapy is to identify your path and true goals, and to begin taking steps toward your ideal self. Timothy also believes this process can often be best accomplished online and through secure forms of digital communication (including text and video-based services). 

In his spare time Timothy has also managed a substance abuse rehabilitation facility in Albany, New York, as well as served as a psychotherapist at a private practice and on other online platforms. He is an avid cyclist and runner.


  • Addictions
  • Issues facing the LGBTQ+ community 
  • Relationship counseling 
  • Family counseling 

Timothy also has experience in Stress, Anxiety, Trauma and abuse, Grief, Intimacy-related, Sleeping, Anger, Career, Bipolar, Depression

Years of Experience: 4


Meagan Rivenburgh, MHC, CASAC, Psychotherapist

New York State Locations: Albany, Westchester County

Meagan is a mental health and addictions counselor who, in addition to providing psychotherapy, assists our practice with community outreach, collaboration, and training. Meagan strongly believes the interaction of personal identity, family, community, and career can lead to challenges in multiple life-areas when one aspect becomes particularly stressful. Meagan enjoys assisting individuals and families to identify those aspects of self that have already proven to be successful for each of us, and to discover new ways to apply these to challenging patterns that may no longer be as effective for our goals. Meagan takes a client-centered, integrated approach that often emphasizes psychodynamic and family-systems theories.

Having lived and worked in various parts of the United States, she currently resides in the Albany, New York area. Through her experience personally and professionally, she knows first-hand the challenges of developing and maintaining an alliance in counseling when life and work get in the way and strongly believes in flexibility and accessibility. Having worked with multiple age groups in multiple treatment settings, she has developed a passion for aiding individuals and families with identifying and obtaining personalized supports, services, and resources to increase enjoyment and fulfillment. Meagan believes that counseling can provide an avenue of self-discovery that goes beyond the alleviation of symptoms providing pathways to thrive.

In addition to Meagan’s work with our practice, she enjoys working with other helping professionals to build upon their own strengths in their work and personal lives. In her spare time Meagan enjoys traveling, outdoor activities, and spending time with friends, family, and two very cool miniature schnauzers.


  • Life Transitions
  • Addictions
  • Trauma
  • Chronic Illness and Pain
  • Family of Origin
  • Relationships
  • Communication

Specialized Populations: LGBTQ+, Emerging Adults, “Non-Traditional” Families and Relationships

Year of Experience: 16


Paula Carciu, LMHC, Psychotherapist

New York State Locations: Troy, Albany, Long Island 

Paula is a licensed mental health counselor specializing in substance abuse, co-occurring mental health diagnoses and coordination of client services. Her clinical experience includes treating individuals recovering from substance use disorders and mood disorders. Her theoretical orientation includes focus on cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques with an emphasis on solution-focused approaches. In addition to part-time counseling services, Paula currently practices as the Clinical Supervisor of an intensive residential substance abuse program in Albany, NY.

Paula believes client-centered and solution-focused approaches allow individuals to begin to feel empowered to regain control of their lives. Individualized therapy can serve as an individual’s safe platform to understand any level of personal discomfort and work towards a life of greater fulfillment. Having treated various age groups, she believes optimal fulfillment occurs when an individual is able to freely and authentically express their true selves.  Additionally, she believes in the importance of practicing self-care and introspection processes on a regular basis. In her spare time, Paula enjoys hiking, playing with her dog Luna, spending time with friends, family, attending live concerts and reading poetry.


  • Addictions

  • Trauma
  •  Family counseling
  • Mood disorders
  • Group counseling
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

Paula has experience in: stress management, crises management, anxiety, trauma, anger management, career counseling, depression and mood disorders.

Years of Experience: 3

Emma Pic.jpg

Emma Cranston Blundell, MHC, Psychotherapist

Emma Cranston Blundell is a mental health counselor based in Albany, NY. Emma fosters client independence through a supportive and client centered approach, which encourages self efficacy and self determination. In her practice, Emma utilizes cognitive behavioral approaches to challenge unhelpful belief systems and thought patterns in various life areas. She commonly utilizes client-centered methods of challenging these belief patterns as part of her practice. Emma has experience working with substance use, mood disorders, trauma, transitions, and family or social functioning issues. 

In her spare time, Emma is a full-time counselor in a residential substance use treatment program in Albany, NY. She enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures, spending time with her cat, Khaleesi, painting, and spending time with friends.

Years of Experience: 3


Sandra Smith, RN, Nurse Consultant

New York State Location: Rochester

Sandy is our nurse consultant and a registered nurse with the State of New York. She has over 25 years of experience, and she is passionate about helping caregivers navigate the difficult task of caring for a family member or friend. She provides one-on-one consultation over video, phone, or text message, as well as manages our caregiver support groups.

In her spare time, Sandy enjoys spending time with friends, family, and her dog Liza, researching and keeping up to date with various nursing topics, as well as reading and keeping up with current events. 

Years of Experience: 25


Carlos Merced, Chief Operations Officer

New York State Location: Albany

Carlos is the Chief Operations Officer of our practice and has over 10 years of experience in customer service. He takes pride in assuring clients and staff are treated with respect, dignity, and care: that they not only expect, but deserve. 

Carlos seeks to provide empathy in any and all interactions he has with clients coming on board with Timothy Crumley, LMHC, DBA. He also has experience in managing medications for clients in a substance use treatment facility, and in his spare time Carlos is an avid gamer and enjoys cooking.

*PLEASE NOTE: teletherapy and online mental health services are often not sufficient in the event of a crisis or emergency, as these services may not provide adequate assistance in these instances. Moreover if you are in crisis or someone you know is a threat to themselves, you should call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 (where you can receive 24/7 support), contact local crisis services, or call 911

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